land ahoy!!!!!

image530156523.jpgYayyyyyy finally back in Christchurch! Almost 30 hrs of flying with only cat naps. All worth while when your greeted with beautiful views of clean green nz. I love you NZ!!!!!

Had a nice kiwi fryup breakfast for dinner and a V, mmmm. Patted the cat who has disowned us for the housesitter and now just gotta stay awwakezzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. Welcome Home,
    Its been a pleasure to have shared your blog and been part of your journey.
    Thank you so much, we have loved every minute of it,you are a great couple.
    Lots of love,
    Mum & Dad.

  2. Welcome Home Guys! It’s been awesome following your trip, thanks a bunch for all the great tips, might book in with my dentist before I go! Now rest up and get back to work coz we have some fun projects waiting for you, oh yeah and Mike, your going up in a chopper filming next week 🙂 Now tell me, that’s not a cool welcome home pressie xx

  3. Welcome home! Hope you’re getting your zzzz’s now.
    Looking forward to hearing about it all first hand.
    I hope you didnt think you were getting out of that by doing this wonderful blog!! XX

  4. Hey guys yeh same as above welcome back great blog followed you guys all the way can’t wait to catch up soon!


  5. Welcome home. Wonderful to have you both home safe and sound. What an adventure you’ve both had and it’s been amazing to share it all with you. See you soon. Love Mum, Dad, Paul, Gran and Grandad.

  6. Kia ora bro

    Fantastic seeing you and Kushlas OE adventures on this blog!!! Aaaamazing!!!!
    … you guys should try out for the AMAZIN RACE ;- ) welcome back!!!

    luv from Tony

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