Santorini – day two

image1926345000.jpgWed 17th, today we rented a quad bike to get our own way round the island. Mike got the hang of it very quickly and I hung on tight on the back. This is the best way to see all the island as the buses don’t get to all corners.
Mike: yeah! Lots of fun tearing it up on 150cc of raw quad bike power! Got a little squirly above 40mph and haven’t found any good jumps yet but maybe tomorrow. On second thoughts maybe not with my luck.
Post note for parents: yes we were careful and we wore helmets!

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  1. That’s more like it! So no backflips to crippler grabs then?

    • Ha. No not yet. The corners in the hills are a bit fun though. Narrow roads and crazy tourists on all manner of rented vehicles. She didn’t even open my international licence. Couldn’t ride a 150 in old nz without a motorbike licence but here I could get a 500cc. Was tempted by the convertable mercedes elk though.

      • Nice! now that’s Madskils styles for sure! Bit of Beastie Boys palyin and some fake stash goin on!

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