land ahoy!!!!!

image530156523.jpgYayyyyyy finally back in Christchurch! Almost 30 hrs of flying with only cat naps. All worth while when your greeted with beautiful views of clean green nz. I love you NZ!!!!!

Had a nice kiwi fryup breakfast for dinner and a V, mmmm. Patted the cat who has disowned us for the housesitter and now just gotta stay awwakezzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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I want sleep!

image993965331.jpgSun is rising still no chance of sleep.

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Dubai look like I’m having fun

image983040781.jpgStill 24hrs of this. Planes are no fun. Sitting in Dubai airport. It’s 5am here. Looking for a corner to crawl up in and get some zzzzzzz. Can’t sleep on the plane, if only I could get into 1st class. Ughhhhhhhhhhh. Have fun in your comfy beds!

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Athens markets

image1280258605.jpgSo many tourists, so much stuff. This end was full of skate / surf , tshirt, and bead shops, all at special discount high price tourist rates. Still fun though.

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temple of zeus

image1277149310.jpgAnybody home?

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acropolis – pantheon view 2

image1274409769.jpgRun for the shade you fools! Arghhhhh I’m melting.

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acropolis – the view

image1269687002.jpgA little bit of the view. You can just see one of the ancient theatres on the corner. Did I mention it was hot?

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acropolis – pantheon

image1252829581.jpgMade it up to the acropolis for a great 360 view of Athens. Today was especially hot, tourists crammed together under the few trees that provided shade. One poor women had fainted from the heat. Then on to the Agora for more ancient ruins. It’s amazing how you get overloaded from amazing archeological stuff to the point of “oh yeah another temple, another sculpture” you have to stop and slap yourself and take a moment to remember the significance of what your seeing.

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This is Sparta!

image2039080684.jpgSlow day. Tried to get to the acropolis but was closed because of new museum opening ceremony. Police and important people only. Tomorrow then. Did find a new t shirt though.

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Notes for Julie & Angela

Boring for everyone else but good tips for those going on holiday soon:

Plastic zip-lock bags in variety of sizes are very handy, eps for cosmetics etc

A very light scarf to put over your sholders in churches, packs down to nothing (St peters will NOT let you in with short shorts or skirts or bare shoulders)

‘Soov’ for bites! Works great.

‘Bushman Heavy Duty’ spray repelant for bugs – they are in every city.

Wide brim hat that breaths – you are going to get so hot!

Loose fit cotton clothes lets the air flow to keep you cool and lets the sweet dry off. (the sun is harsh – some of my darker clothes have faded in the most exposed areas).

A good pair of open walking sandals is what you will live in, closed shoes are deathly hot on the feet.

Small bottle of clothes washing liquid. There are laundry places but they cost about 6 euro for one load and more for the dryer. And you don’t want to give up some of you day, just do it in the sink every now and then.

On that note we found 6 pairs of underwear about right (including the pair you have on).

A large zip lock bag for paperwork or plastic folder of some sort – you are always pulling it out to refer to it.

Print a map out of the places you are staying in, you will need it.

2 adaptor plugs if you have more than one device ie, cell phone, two cameras. We were often charging two things at once.

Imodium, not for stopping the shits but for stopping the horrible pains.

Bars for snacks, you often dont get lunch or tea on time and this keeps you going (local stores sell them in the breakfast isle in most countries).

Don’t bring a hairdryer, EVERY hotel etc has them, they may not be great but your bag is too heavy already!

Public transport is very similar all over. You have to buy a ticket first before getting on the bus / train / boat etc. This will be an open ticket to use when you want, when you get on board you have to validate it by stamping it in a machine (somewhere on board or at the port or station). Big fines if you don’t.

There is often an all day pass for transport – think anout it if you are getting onmore thsn twice. It also means if you get on the wrong one it doesn’t matter you just get on another one. Or you can get on amd off when it takes your fancy.

Plan your days for between 8am – 12noon, 4pm – late. Its just too hot between 12 and 4pm. Also plan a lot more time for one site than you think. Two activities a day is heaps, food finding and eating will be your third activity.

Get to airports and trainstations early – sometimes it takes a while to figure out where your platform is etc. On that note electronic departure boards in train stations let you know where you need to be. Just look for your departure time first, then the destination, at the end it will have the platform you need to be on (sometimes this requires you to go through and underground tunnel to the other side of the track).

Go to the dentist before leaving.

Hope this helps in some way.

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Athens – day 1

image519055604.jpgCushla is out shopping and im making the most of the free internet at the hotel. Last stop before home. Spent the day sweating it up on an open top double decker sightseeing bus, which is a great way to find everything without walking around for hours. Athens is not as dirty as some have made out but it definately has a variety of old and new, rich and poor.

And on another note, whoever is cursing me back home for having a nice sunny holiday you can stop. My tooth is infected again! Luckily you don’t a prescription for antibiotics in Greece. Seriously, enough with the pain and badluck already!!!

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Santorini -day three

image1253305849.jpgLast day in Santorini and we are sad to leave it! We enjoyed relaxing in such a pretty place. Mike had to return his toy today but not till we had taken one last ride to a beach for lunch. The beaches here are rather rocky and have black sand (from the volcanic rock found on Santorini). There were one too many nude people on the beach so we took off. Did a last walk round Oia and a little shopping while Mike read a book back at the apartment. Up early tomorrow to catch an airplane to Athens, being picked up at 5:30am.

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Santorini Sunset

image1955589180.jpgSpot the wedding couple in the corner.

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Santorini Sunset

image1954227813.jpgSharing the view with a couple of other tourists.

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image1949051257.jpgDogs bloody everywhere trying to look cute. I thought this was a cat town from all the postcards. Time to start a revolution for the cat nation. Viva la kitty!!!! Ok some of the dogs are really cute they can stay and be slaves for their new kitty overlords. – mike

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Santorini – day two, part 2

image1940647757.jpgMade our way to Fira (the main port where all the cruise ships come) and walked the town. The ships are huge, they can’t dock so put passengers in smaller boats to get them to the island. We came across a horrid smell and realized we had found the donkeys that bring the tourists up the strap sloap of the hill from the port.

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Santorini – day two

image1926345000.jpgWed 17th, today we rented a quad bike to get our own way round the island. Mike got the hang of it very quickly and I hung on tight on the back. This is the best way to see all the island as the buses don’t get to all corners.
Mike: yeah! Lots of fun tearing it up on 150cc of raw quad bike power! Got a little squirly above 40mph and haven’t found any good jumps yet but maybe tomorrow. On second thoughts maybe not with my luck.
Post note for parents: yes we were careful and we wore helmets!

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late post from Rome

image493565057.jpgThey build lifts small here – no room to turn around. We were on the third floor and would usually walk, but you are already so hot you don’t want to move more than you have too, so we squeeze in.

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